Plant and Equipment Trailers

Alltrades Trailers is a manufacturer specialising in producing versatile Plant trailers for tracked and wheeled machinery. We supply trailers for transporting mini excavators, rollers, bobcats, kanga’s, dingo’s and other machinery for various industries including the construction, forestry, farming and oil industries.

Different trailers can handle different loads (2000kg, 2800kg, 3500kg or 4500kg) and can be fitted with hydraulic, mechanical or electrical brakes. They all have heavy-duty checker plate or open mesh floors with ramps for easy loading and unloading.

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Tandem Tipper Trailers

For both families and companies, a tipping trailer is a great asset and a real timesaver. Made from high-quality materials, the tipping trailer is just as capable as any of our products at carrying heavy loads on long trips.

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Tandem Box Trailers

A tandem axle box trailer is better suited for drivers who need to carry heavy loads. The dual axles will spread the weight across both axles and this trailer includes a braking system to help you pull up and put less stress on the tow vehicle.

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Car Trailers

For several years now, car trailers have become one of our most popular products. We provide trailers that can suit most vehicles, be it a show car or racecar, a 4-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle or anything equally large that you want moved for your personal or business needs.

The most standard car trailer is limited to a gross trailer mass (GTM) of 2,000 kilograms, but can go as high as 2,800 or 3, 500 kilograms. All these categories are made with different components so that we stay in compliance with Australian federal standards.

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Box Trailers

Easy to use Tipping function with safe 3-Point Locking System.

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