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Alltrades Trailers LED TV Trailer

The newest design of our Portable LED Screen. Mounted on a custom built 10×5 trailer this is a 3200wide x 1800high full colour P10 or P6 outdoor screen. This screen is completely self contained with the on-board generator allowing up to 15 hours use on a single tank of fuel. With the built in software  the screen can be used for both advertising and as a scoreboard. The portable LED screen is best quality built trailer screen available.

P10 or P6 High Resolution screen
3200 wide x 1800 high
Hydraulic lift allowing the screen to be raised to 1.8m from the ground
360 degrees rotation , adjustable viewing angle
240 volt mains or self-contained generator powered
Multi-use screen, Jpegs, AVI’s, QuickTime’s, DVD’s, Movies, PC Graphics, Digital TV
Ideal for advertising and for information displays
Scoreboard for Cricket, AFL, League, Union, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey
High powered speakers for audio playback

Can be operated while towing as a moving billboard

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